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USB network card often unable to play broadband speed,prone to high latency, network instability, and dropped connections.The PCIE Wireless adapter can make the most of broadband speed, transmission speed and stability are better, faster network speed and lower latency, it can experience more faster and more stable broadband speeds. Therefore, PCI-E network cards are more recommended to choosing than USB network card!

Wireless network card is a device of a terminal wireless network, and is a wireless terminal device used for surfing the Internet through a wireless connection network under the wireless coverage of a wireless local area network. Generally speaking,wireless network card is a device that does not require a network cable. Generally,wireless network card is integrated in a notebook, so the notebook can access the Internet through wireless.Similar to mobile phones, as long as the area contains wireless network signals, they can be connected. The desktop computer does not integrate a wireless network card, so it needs to be connected Ethernet cable to network card interface to achieve Internet access, but install wireless network card to achieve wireless Internet access.